Episode 32

Pelvic floor therapy Q & A with Tricia Reimann, PT, DPT


July 10th, 2023

34 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

Two months ago, a low back injury creeped back into my life. Since I was in my second trimester, I chose to seek help from a pelvic floor therapist. This being my first pregnancy, I knew nothing about pelvic floor therapy. Honestly, I didn't really know it existed until last fall when I met Tricia, a local pelvic floor therapist. In this episode, Tricia answers pelvic floor related questions submitted via Instagram, Facebook and the Pivot Nutrition Coaching program.

What's in this episode?

[2:34] What is the pelvic floor?

[3:01] Why is important to have a strong pelvic floor?

[4:17] What are signs or symptoms of a weak pelvic floor?

[7:01] What type of patients you typically work with?

[8:00] Can men benefit from PFT?

[10:16] When is the best time to start working with a PFT? Should you go when pregnant OR wait until after pregnancy?

[13:33] What are the best ways to prep your body through PFT and exercise? Are there specific exercise you should or shouldn't do during pregnancy?

[19:41] How soon should you start PFT after giving birth?

[21:14] Are pelvic floor exercises someone women should continue to do forever after a C-section or birth in general

[23:29] How can you improve pelvic floor many YEARS after having kids?

[25:24] How do you go about finding a PFT near you and that's the right fit? Does insurance cover PFT?
*Herman & Wallace

[26:43] What are some common misconceptions about pelvic floor therapy that we maybe didnt mention yet?

[29:50] For those who maybe don’t have access to local PFT, do you have any online resources you recommend?
Vagina Whisperer
Get Mom Strong
Expecting & Empowered

[31:29] Anything important we haven’t discussed that you want people to know?

[33:32] Where can people find you / how can people work with you if they're in the Grand Forks area?

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